Elyse Nicole 


singer-songwriter, elyse nicole 

Elyse Nicole is a breath of fresh air.  In a pop-music culture where auto-tune and midi are doing most the work, it's refreshing to see an emerging young talent such as Elyse come on the scene.  Her writing and musicianship only add to her incredible artistry.  

She partnered with label president, Jordan Biel, on her debut release which came out August 1st, 2017 with The Cellar Records.  You can’t help but smile and have a great day listening to songs like Grow Old Together. Track four on the record, Would You Stay, is a heart-wrenching ballad that takes us back to a place we've likely all been.  The title tack, Perfect Day with you will make you thankful for the one God's given you and the little things you get to enjoy together.    



DJay is our newest artist signed to the cellar records. He brings an amazing songwriting gift & soulful feel to the table. His songs are written from real life experiences - the best source for music that moves you. His first single The Reasons I Love You is out now! Check it out on Spotify Buy on iTunes

It’s dedicated to his grandparents married for 70 years! We can’t wait to share his music with you all! Follow us on facebook to stay in the loop!

Joshua Smith 

Joshua Smith The Cellar Records.jpg

Joshua Smith takes you on a musical journey in this debut album, Gotta Believe In Love.  I dare you, try not dancing to You Gotta Believe or try not to be pulled in on songs like I'm Torn.  His music will move you and remind you to be thankful for the friends and family you've been blessed to share life with.  

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The Cellar joins Carly Clark

The Cellar has had the honor to collaborate with special artists like singer-songwriter, Carly Clark.  Her voice will make you happy within three seconds of listening, guaranteed.  She brings her heart to her music every time she picks up the guitar.  She cowrote with label founder, Jordan Biel for This Is Christmas, and it's already becoming a holiday favorite among fans.  




We can’t wait for everyone to hear this incredible voice! Juliet has a sound all of her own and she’s an incredible musician on top of it! Her songwriting and musical talent far surpass her age and we are so thrilled to have her joining the cellar!

Her debut release will be Oct. 18th! Follow her on Facebook or Instagram to stay in the loop on her upcoming release! For now, you can get a sneak peak into the album.


Sound of Fusion

Imagine the sound of Sting, Chris Botti, Daft Punk, Allison Kraus, Norah Jones & John Mayer had a jam session but with little to no singing. Picture it, you’d have R&B inspired, jazz-fusion cool jams with tasteful grooves and killer back beats. That’s the sound of fusion. Check out some of their work below and find them on Spotify, iTunes & more. Sound of Fusion songs are written, performed and produced by Jordan Biel with occasional accompaniment by the following: Andy Erb on Trumpet, Jimmy Donadio on Drums, Matt Jackson on Upright Bass. At Dusk is their third release and is available on Spotify and iTunes & everywhere you buy music.

Kyle Stern

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Kyle Stern released his self-titled debut album on Jan. 12, 2016.  For someone so young, his lyrics and songs prove he is talented well beyond his years.  His country rock sound is one all of it own.  His single, American Heroes, shares the struggles of a soldier's life and the sacrifices made by the soldiers and their families.  Kyle reminds us in this EP to be thankful for the family God's given us, the love we enjoy and the soldiers fighting to keep us free.  Pick up KYLE STERN in iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play & more.


Chelsea Haskett 

Chelsea Haskett Country Artist

Chelsea Haskett is a talented country artist from Cortland, OH.  One listen and you'll see that these songs come real life!  Real life heartache, real life love, real life joys and sorrows.  Take The Long Way Home with Chelsea Haskett.  

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